Thursday, December 3, 2009

only if...

If you suddenly think of forgetting me,

Never take a second chance to gat back to me,

Because I may have already torn you from past,

If you ever think that loving me was a part for you to regret,

Never expect me any more,

Coz I may have already gone!!

If you thought of dumping meh,

U will not get a chance to,

Because I may have already dumped you,

Whenever u think of loving me,

Never tell me that you do,

Coz by that time, you will be mine…

If you are sad on dumping me,

I may have been living happily,

And never should you,

Because the place of your second demand,

Will be in out of my life..

Love me as your life,

You will be my life………

1 comment:

  1. These are not crazy but some real thoughts of the time..

    Good poem