Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a view ..

ppl use to ask me why do i still cry for a relation which stayed not more than two months .... even i felt the same many times ... am i a fool to cry for such a relation for years... i just have a short answer .... itz not no. of years that adds to a relation... even if the person enters your heart just for a second... deeply... it hurts more than anythin when we realize that the person is no more in the place you kept ... and its just unbearable pain left there untill ur death....

There are some relations in life, which will change the whole you once it is finished... And the new person in you will be left with a broken heart somehow stitched back together... Everybody around you will advice you to recover.. you can pretend that you did... but let me tell you... if u were in a relation with full love... and if you lost the same... you can never recover from the memories.... you will start loving melodies... you will start reading poems and so on...

Another great point i ve learned from my life is... you will get to know value of real love only when you lose the same...  !!


  1. oh i can understand tat... i knw ppl say move on, it lasted such a short tym.. but its so hard... u are never the same again...

  2. agrees !!
    Time might heal ur pain .. no doubt.. :)
    Keep smiling..

  3. Just wait for some time, you can feel the change