Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ma little one...

oh God,
I trust, you see all my endeavors,
You judge me,
Don’t you see me now lord?
Once you gave me a gift,
My dear and charming seraph,
My caring daughter,
I hold her hands when she fall,
I placed her not at ma home,
But truly inside my heart as you know,
She was not the gift you have given,
But was my life you have restored in me,
But still I am unable to recognize
The reason you have taken back my child,
Answer me oh lord,
None can counter my long roll of questions other than you,
Her affectionate mother have not stopped weeping,
The helping hand, beautiful pearl, and her life is stolen by you,
The loving little brother of her, have lost all his cheer and naughtiness,
Coz he lost his leading light, smiling princess and his playmate,
Even the air around me bears the last breaths of my sweetie,
The breeze was taking the drips of rain,
And that is the tears of my gorgeous girl,
Oh lord, everything around me is torturing me,
I am asking for nothing oh Almighty,
Keep my angel n your hands and take good care of her,
She was given to me by you,
But even though you have taken it from me,
All the memories of her is slicing me in pieces,
I lost my girl, and I lost my life,
But the tears of her near ones are flowing to me as river of pains,
I can somehow afford my pain,
But take away the sadness of my near ones,
As each tears of my dears are killing me in pieces,
So take care of my girl and the ones, who are crying for her,
You can only do that, and I believe that you will respond me soon…

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