Monday, November 2, 2009

to be a soldier...

oh mother, here i go,
call me not when i am on the move,
every single step that i make,
flourish the flowers of tranquility,
you took the pain,
torn your womb,
only to get me out safe and secure..
and this is the time for me,
i tore open my heart..
and show my sincerity...

sweet lady, ma love...
Finally now, i leave you here,
you are the light leads ma life,
in my thoughts, you live!
my memory count your moments i know..!
bidding you goodbye, as ma arrival is never certain,
moving towards the heart of my country now,
to heal her wounds and kiss her injuries.
bullets may be punched on my chest,
i may not be recognized,
never shed tear,
remember! you the wife of a brave soldier..!

my little kid,
kisses to you,
may be the final...!
live and be bold,
show the world,what you are..
take good care of your loving mom..!
keeping your smiling face in my thoughts,
here i go...

loving family,
my warm blood...and my life...
here i dedicate it for you my country....!!


  1. u selectd a gud pic.... touching...just lyk the poem itself...... thnk u.....

  2. nice thought, n its real........nice wording.