Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ma first day at school..

Now ma world look so strange,
Where are the toys scattered around me?
Now I see new pages of books and sharp edges of pencils,
Instead of colourful butterflies i am surrounded by lot of children like me,
My loving mom is not with me to feed me,
But a smiling teacher with a rattan,
Where I am, oh so confused,
Each companion around me is dressed like me,
Some are weeping, and some are laughing at them,
I searched for the little puppies I play with,
But I could find only some broken pieces of chalks around,
As ma mom told me in the morning,
i am waiting for ma mom to come soon,
To get on her warm laps and kiss her,
As this is ma first time moving away from her presence
The very first day in ma school…
Without ma dear ones, my cute toys and flying butterflies…
Moving to a strange and new world of voice and knowledge…

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