Monday, November 23, 2009

none otherthan you...

None is dare to love me as you do,
Coz each speck of your love for me,

Makes me feel exceptionally good,

I never experienced this feeling before,

You make me delighted in thousands of ways,

You bring my bliss before,

Even by a small word a simple kiss.,

Or a soft smile of yours,
makes me special,
None make me so contented as you do my love,
Your tender touch is sealed in my emotions,

In the extremity of your love,

My soul is singing for you…

You choose to admire on my flaws,

Which I try to cover always,

You are fabulous love of mine,

I cannot find anyone like you anywhere…

You fill all my dreams and desires,

And from the time I met you,

I have nothing left as unfulfilled,
I feel jealous on you dear,

That I cannot love you more than you do,

That severe is your love for me….

1 comment:

  1. its very nice view of love
    nice words..
    so pls ....keep in malayalam
    pls avoide Word verification