Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my past...

One day I lost my love,
I searched him all around,
I looked for his bright eyes among the stars,
I tried to hear his song frm the heart of forest,
I listened for his sweet words in the crowd,
I shed tears in the ocean in the longing for him….
I flew all over the sky in search of his warmth…..
I asked for the help of many to find him…
No one showed me the path I should go for him,
But I could not find him any where…
But I thought he may at least realize my efforts for getting him.
Finally when I was back to my grave I could find him……
Find him long buried in ma pasts…
He slept peacefully,
While I was searching him awake in tears n screams,
He comfortably laid unconscious,
While I wept for him whole through ma life,
He was just ma past,
He never had seen ma love for him….
He never realized that I am living for him….
I regretted at ma grave,
For tearing apart my wonderful life of beauty,
For someone who never cared me….
But still a tear dropped from me,
In the burning love for him…..ma past!!

1 comment:

  1. He never realized that I am living for him…....