Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pilgrimage before me..

I walked forward….one step…..second step….
My heart jumped as if I was sitting on a broken sea saw….
I saw you….i looked deep into your eyes,
In search of some emotions left there for me…
You asked me that how I was…
A thousand sentences danced at the tip of ma tongue…
That I miss your eyes,I miss your smile,
I miss your flirting,I miss every part of you….
but I hide all those feelings and just told that I am fine,
I asked how you were,you answered the same against all ma hopes…
You walked away holding the hands of your pretty wife…..
I realized that you ll never remember the moments that
I wish to cherish whole through ma life….the moments with you….
I stood motionless that way,n just started to move again…
The path ahead seemed like a pilgrimage for me…
I took the big burden of ma life n walked again,
Knowing that ma broken heart will never follow me!!

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