Wednesday, March 10, 2010

finally i die..!

it has been ages, since i last smiled,
i lost my sight and soul,
my songs are vague,
and heart is bleeding with burns..!
my senses are dead,
and i just posses a broken mind,
where happiness is emptied,
and silent tears ooze out...
today once again i am badly beaten by you..
You, Beloved, come hold my hands,
kiss my arms and tell me i am alright...
take me back to life..
I am alone in the wild and breaking grief...
my fate takes me to unknown and distant hell..
rolling in the thorns finally i die..!


  1. Im ready to cure ur wounds.. :P

    he he just kidding...keep writing.. :)

  2. Let God help us to return to life from the painfull throns.

  3. ♪♫...അത്തള പിത്തള തവളാച്ചി .......