Friday, October 9, 2009

yeah...i am in love...

I took countless breaths,

My heart beats in uncertain numbers,

Days surpass me quietly, without music, without parties,

Breeze tried to engross my reality, but I never heard or felt it,

While I walked through the shores of the sleeping ocean,

I could listen nothing other than the irritating silence of dead waves,

I laid at the shadow of orange sunsets every evenings,

I found nothing new there,

While the birds withered their pretty tender feathers on me,

I just took it off from me, as nothing had happened,

Yesterdays went through me, but not through ma thoughts,

Not through ma senses, but somewhere far and strange,

But today sun rises for me, today flowers bloom for me,

Now I count ma days, breaths and heart beats, as it is with her, my love,

Days dance before me with magnificence now,

My ears are full with the romantic croons of the breeze,

I could hear the sweetness in the sound of silence,

Now I am in love, now I am in life, I can see it in her eyes,

I can feel it in her touch; I can enjoy it in her voice, yes! Now am in love!

Todays have meanings in me, I am living in her love…

Yeah! I am in love…



  1. hats off to u write more n come out with flying d bst :)

  2. nannayittundu ...your attempt is gud

  3. gr8 huny
    al r reali nice
    hatz ff :)
    keep goin
    moi wishez :)

  4. yae amzing one,,,really nice....pranob

  5. i like ur poem abt nanditha..keep writng...