Monday, March 8, 2010

I am broken....

I m broken from the core,
I wish if there would be someone to hold me,
I am falling from heights,
To the horrifying darkness...
staring at the griefs eating up my soul,
My being flee restless and mad...
Death is getting closer..
i need a word,
i need a smile,
no other comforts can help me..
No footprints are nearby,
No consoles either...
My lonely and desolate self is murdered here....
Brutally by the Thoughts...!


  1. ക്ലാ ക്ലാ ക്ലി ക്ലീ... ക്ലു ക്ലൂ......

  2. Dear Angela,
    Good Evening!
    Wishing you a lovely and wonderful Women's Day!
    Atleast today,don't be broken!
    You are strong,beautiful and compassionate,
    You have your dear ones and friends around you.
    May you never forget for even a moment,
    That you are a special gift to someone;
    You are aunique person,
    May each footprint you leave,
    In the sands of time be an affirmation,
    Of who you are!
    A footprint for those who seek to follow!
    Cheer up,dear!A beautiful sunrise waits for you!:)
    The Proud Woman,

  3. ആക്ച്വലി എന്താ പ്രശ്നം ?

  4. കൊലകൊമ്പന്‍.....oruprashnavum illa.. :)


  5. No consoles either

    Wishing you a lovely and wonderful Women's Day