Monday, June 7, 2010

but how ??

I am crying again for you…
I want to melt the path of my memories,
In my burning tears,
My eyes are not shedding tears,
As they are left with nothing more..
My soul is still crying for you dearest,
Not for you to come back to me,
But to hide the pain inside me,
How can I gather the courage to live?
How can I get back the happiness and strength ahead?
Were can I find the peace of mind?
My pain stood before me,
As if it dwells with me eternally,
I want to get rid of this situation,
Which leads me to the hell of grieves,
Drowning in the waves of broken dreams,
Tell me how do I live in darkness,
Without you lighting up my way…
Fading images of that day,U left me is,
Haunting my life always…
How can I escape?
How can I take my life back on its path??


  1. All questions in the world has answer. You can find the answer slowly, when the time pass.

  2. Let "you' be the almighty in this poem . Love mind,soul all are of his Wisdom