Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is me, myself,

I have no phony faces,

I am simply myself,

U can judge me from the first glimpse,

Coz I never wanna pretend decent or wicked,

I never wanna play drama with my life,

My feelings are not fake ,

They are true and honest,

My deeds are not performances,

They are not for a mere show,

My actions are from my words,

My words are from my heart,

I had a past,sometimes even I cant believe that,

I played games with my life many times,

But a person cannot be the same always,

Believe me,a person cannot be always d same,

Now you can trust me that I am sincere

Now you can consider me as honest,

I am myself,I have no false faces,

And this is my exact signature….

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