Saturday, October 10, 2009


Years later one day, I saw her,

With a very handsome youthful guy,

His hands were around her, as a hands of shelter,

She was quiet comfortable in his hands,

She was the same cute lady,

But little more beautiful and happy is she,

Her cheeks were paler than before,

Like a flowering lily she seemed,

Millions of memories flood in me,

By seeing her, the time we shared,

And the memorable times we had,

All that may be her torn dirty pages of memories,

But those memories are the ones I cherish the most,

Those memories let me go forward,

I saw her once again in ma life,

She saw me, stared at me for a moment,

Her smile faded away, my mind plead for talking to her,

But I walked away…as if nothing had happened,

I could do that, coz my heart was buried long ago,

When she left me as her hurting past…

But took too much effort to take back ma soul from the place I met her..

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