Saturday, October 10, 2009

in the rain we hold our hands together...


While the rain started pouring the glazing glasses,

I was there with you, holding your hands,

Holding those wet and soft hands so tightly,

Like a promise to be with you forever,

Nothing in me can change,

Unless and until you are the same to me,

You are the drop of honey

Dripped from the poise of heaven,

Fallen for me, into my soul..

And for you my hands are open,

In your drop of sweetness,

Which deplete My Ocean of bitterness,

Lets walk together, were the romantic moonlight

Sneak a look into our nights...

Along the stony pavements,

We walk slowly, towards the strange destination,

In the songs of love and promise,

Still we hold our hands so tight,

But the rain slowly stopped its skipping,

We walked ahead….

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