Sunday, October 25, 2009

oh dear soul mate...

Oh dear soul mate,

I have all found all the paradises of heavens and earth in your heart,

Were I rest ma thoughts rest and words bloom,

Let us tie our hearts and hands together,

And move along the horizons of love,

You are my tears of joy,

Nothing other than you leads ma life in the dark,

You are the sun and you are the stars,

Even you are the thunder that gives ma life the shudders of warmth,

I find every source of ma happiness in you,

Which I could find only in you,

And I love you….


  1. so u can write about happy things & stuff ..also... ;-) now... thats wonderful....

  2. very nice yaar.....ninakk ithaa cherukaa...keep ryt happy and love poems..u r soo gud at it....keep posting..!!