Saturday, October 10, 2009

ma dear brother...

We raced through the courtyard of time,

We spend days fighting, laughing and playing,

Nothing bothered us, nothing hurted us,

We caught froggies, we bathed puppies,3

Ran through the field so long,

Thos days with you dear brother, Is the best of all my memories...

We cant always be together, But ma dear brother,

This sister loves you so much and,

She will be always close to your heart

with the prayers, and thoughts,

let time pass by us, sprinkling new wonders of life,

let flavors fly along our memories dear,

never let distances to fade the beauty of our bound,

I will be your loving mom and sister forever,

This promise never be broken,

At you hard times, in your severe suspicions,

There will be one to swab off your tears,

When you ran to the mistakes, one will be there to hold you back,

And when you did the sin, there will be one to scold you hard,

And later to hug you and correct you…

And that will be this loving sister of yours…

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