Friday, October 9, 2009


`I was flying in the wings of time,

I recollected the broken pieces of the past,

I sat in the shadow of the desk,

While the faded leaves of autumn,

Spread in the hands of nature before me,

The far away sunshine was my

Mysterious store of wonders and glee,

Even I cannot reach to it,

I can feel the warmth and enjoy the beauty,

i can hear the wind, that the leaves send me the waves,

And I can dance to its music,

While the sea gulls flew above the puzzling silence of sea waves,

And the flowers shook their heads for another raising up,

I prepared my spirit to get shower in the golden desk,

Even the doves and sparrows zoom up the stars,

In the calmness of nature…

I felt as if I am a small kid in the caring hands of ma dear mom,

Nature before me…the kiss of nostalgia….

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