Thursday, October 15, 2009

now here i am....

I am the vestige of an existence,
From a piece of flesh in the litter container of the slum,

Four months before a little hue in the kingdom of eternity,
Four months before a little feather in the wings of the ruler of souls,

For these four months, in the “safest place” one can ever be,

In the womb of a fake virgin,

a patient in the world’s modernization department,

I took all the drugs I can have, in the whole life time of a human,

Even the tranquilizers I had to take, Smoke sometimes covered even me,

With an exasperating reek and throttled me,

I solicited ma mom to help me,
I exclaimed in the peak of ma sound,

Nothing helped me, I scalded inside that safest place,
At the month of four, she the lady named mom,

Pinched of me from her womb with a sharp blade,

And sliced ma veins! Was that my safest place?

Now these are ma ultimate gulp of air,

But I will take birth again in the same mom,

But not as her petite exquisite pearl,

But as the blood smear from her heart
or a teardrop form her eyes…

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  1. uffff..... real and scary images.... touching one....bravo...