Saturday, October 10, 2009

i still weep for you...

Each night, while I sleep,

I dream, dream about the ages before,

When I was in love, love with you,

Each night form that day,

I was expecting you,

I wonder why drops of tears swallow me,

Instead of your kisses,

Where are you hiding from me?

Am I that bad for you?

I thought you would realize what true love is…

But now centuries flew from us,

Still I am cold and dead,

Dreams on you haunts me and tear apart my heart,

I vomit oceans of tears in your hurting,

You made me cry for years and years,

I tried hard to hate you,

But you ve taken a permanent position in my life,

And I can only love you and I can live only for you…

I will keep on waiting for you,

Let ages walk away,

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