Tuesday, October 13, 2009

itz hard for me...

Like the soft drizzle, time walked forward,

I just followed it carrying the burden which life has given,

As a quiet follower of life,

As a looser before the world,

My precious sighs fall wrecked in the ground,

Reopening the shut door of old,

Unfolding the pictures which I never wish to see again,

All my promises to myself that I will never cry

Are now the utterly broken realities

Stars becomes me, compelled me to be aright,

In the dark ma feelings are, where I cry louder and broken,

With the soul beaten by love,

The darkness know what I am how crazy ma emotions are,

For it hide ma true self,

Once ma dream chrushed me and now forcing me to pretend I am alive,

It is so tough for me to fight against the twinging authenticities of love…

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