Sunday, October 11, 2009

you broke ma heart...

The extraction of ma vexed heart are growing lengthy,

In search of you,

Wandering along the forlorn shores were we use to be,

And the vacant timbered benches under the Cyprus foliages,

Collecting the nightmares to my peace,

If each tears of mine is counted as a day,

It is the time for me to die hundred times,

I saw the blank shore,

Where the seclusion of moonlight seize our position,

And the conked out slices of seashells

Along with ma compassion I could see there,

Resting in peace…

The scintillating minute star so far behind the waves,

Which were the signs of my hopes, are being faded out…

Around those benches under the Cyprus leaves,

Boom the mourning of ma heart without you,

And the fallen leaves which is having the smell of our romance,

Are being taken to me, crushing ma life into thousands,

You at some other corner of the world you explore your happiness,

You may be moving through the beaches with holding the hands of your extacy,

Your legs may be wet in the waves carriying ma tears,

You enjoy that and walk away…

The breeze covering you are ma sighs in pain,

You enjoy that and walk away…..

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