Friday, October 9, 2009

while i felt your love ...

When you told me that you love me,

I flutter to the worlds unknown,

In the petals of white wild lilies,

I sang the songs of seraphs,

All my potency dissolved in your love,

My joy sang its glory,

Almighty exaggerated those words with his light,

And my enjoyment with his love,

This bond is the bridge in heaven,

And the rainbow on earth,

My whole life is being defeated by these words,

It seems like, I was living for thee words,

And when I heard it from you,

Life seemed like a flowering garden,

And the endless blue cloudless sky,

Like a dancing like a peacock at rain,

And the singing cokoos at spring,

Like the now of summer mornings,

You burned my past,

And ran into my present and future,

I too love you dear…

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