Friday, October 9, 2009

nanditha...for you...

you were not familiar for me,

i never knew you,

but at some later stages of life i have been through your songs,

which pierced down to ma being,

Which echoed in ma reality,

And the whole in me shook in the flame of ur terms,

But before knowing you,

Before holding ur hands and giving you a bouquet of appreciation,

I was so unlucky to hear that you are no more,

Your words ver the pieces of your flesh,

You were draining out your precious existence,

Through the pain in your songs…

The hidden mystery in them where the tears of your love,

But my dear mate, u never realized that you had a beautiful garden ahead,

You ve stolen the liberty of God,

Y did you ran away from the precious moments kept for you?

If I could know you just a moment before that fatal state,

I may be successful in showing that days written only for you..

But now you are no more, but we miss you dear,

As you fill our soul in your songs…

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