Friday, October 9, 2009

my sun sets to rise again...

This day while the sun sets out to the ambiguities of scenery,

Giving u the waves of ease the day long,

Engross you in the world of dreams,

Who is certain of a ascending sun tomorrow?

Who is convinced of the song of beam tomorrow..

None is definite of a next day ,

Still they never fret, they never contemplate of this,

Coz they anticipate, coz they deem,

That every sun sets to rise again,

Yeah, every sun sets to rise again,

With invigorated rays and shining blizzards,

Even the sun conceals under the puzzling mantle,

None go for probing it...

I am in obscurity, I am not running after my sun,

But I wish for my sun to rise up with the jovial face,

Let my essence prepare for the day with him..

And that day, he come with rejuvenated thoughts,

And cuddle me as the sun hold close the earth with the flowers,

My faith will never pass away, until I go beneath the obscurity of demise..

My sun sets to rise again…

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