Sunday, October 11, 2009

you made me to love you...

U r like the silently blooming night flower,

Scattering the aroma in the wildness,

The loveliness in you make yourself a bouquet,

Not like an assortment, but you are the unique beauty,

And each fleeting split second

You are exploring the profundity of ma heart,

I am hushed not because I am bored of your words,

but I am speechless when you are in the vicinity of mine,

when I start writing for you,

even the sunshine speaks to ma pen,

your excellence can be defeated by nothing,

other than your beautiful heart,

which is the temple purity,

oh lady,this silence is nothing,

but the extreme growth of my love for you….

It is the preparation of romantic songs for you,

It is the foreseen script of a successful love tale…

I am admiring you, and this silence is,

the worship of revering loveliness in you…

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