Friday, October 9, 2009

Thekkady boat accident...

I can hear the screaming of the dear ones, my heart beats seemed to be stopping,

Not ma ears but ma heart is breaking by the moaning scream of the dearest fellows,

While their mates are helpless in the dreadful catch of water,

They came for having their happiest trips with their loving ones,

I can see mothers holding their cute kids to her dead heart but both chilled in death,

And the couples still without leaving their arms closed together,

Here this heaven for the enjoyment is now the tomb of love birds,

And the horrible grave of many innocent children,

Hey dear lake of beauty, I never knew your silence could eat up the lives of this many,

I can see the parents surprisingly escaped but what there life is without their dear only child,

They came for showing their baby the beauty of world and the wonderful creation of God,

But they could see the dark face of fatal fate and disastrous game of creator,

I cant imagine how loudly they had wept for life,

While killing crept under water, Cut off their veins of life,

And when the pain got into their nostrils as water,

Here I found the disastrous tears of parents and children, and the motionless bodies thrown before them..

I could do nothing…as this is the mischief of fate and the Almighty…

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