Sunday, November 29, 2009

symbol of eternal love...

With a fresh bouquet, as usual,

That old man came in

With her favorite gladiolus in it,

Was still so cheerful when

he walked up the staircases of the hospital,

she waited for him as usual,

bearing the cute smile in her pleasant face,

even amidst of the pains that carving her life out,

when those pains are intolerable for her,

he just hug her hands so gentle and let her rest in his arms,

they use to share five minutes alone with their doors closed,

but that day has come finally,

for her to start her journey to her heaven,

she still had a smile for him,

and even he too smiled and told her,

even if you are not near me,

I will feel your presence,

And you start the journey to your paradise…

She smiled again and closed her eyes for ever,

He got the permission and closed their door,

Sat near her, and all outside echoed a deep-felt song,

Song of an old man, at top of his lungs and voice,

None could stay their in the song,

Since it bring tears from the bottom of heart,

He than came out and told the passers by that room,

To bid them pardon if he disturbed them,

And he use to sing the song frm the day they met each oder,

And she could sleep only after hearing his song,

And today is her final day in ma heaven of love,

And she is now in the journey to her own world,

So he feared that she will hear the song,

And sang bit louder for her,

He moved forward, with tired steps,

Slowly singing the same song,

That where ever you are, my songs will cover you with my love,

And I will sing for you my love,

Forever and ever…..

The gladiolus he have gifted her in the morning were about to wither,

But still carried a smile like her’s,

And carried a drop of tear from somewhere far heavens,

Like the symbol of eternal love….

1 comment:

  1. when i read this ! i remember a hindi Qutha

    pathi pathi gulab ho jaathi hay!
    har kali meharkaab hooo jathi hay!

    joo dali pay finanazray.......
    shabnam bee sharab ho jaathii hay!