Friday, November 27, 2009


Shadows, sometimes so annoying,

I found it as the germinating seed of grief in me,

I do something good,

Why my shadow act just opposite,

As the ordinary world around me,

Never listened to my good deeds,

Here my shadow, acts just contrary on me,

My strives to tame my shadow,

Is just going in vain….

Oh shadow, you are a part of mine,

But even the yummy snowy ice cream,

I am having this crack of dawn,

You show as the fumes of evil coming out,

I am pretty fair enough,

But my shadow, you seem so dark,

Dead and weird,

I respect you as a close friend of mine,

As the chant of nature,

But y you never show what I meant to be,

I hope my dear shadow got what I said,

Now Itz the same but I feel some change,

By the slow arrival of divine dusk,

i find my shadow contracting and melting in me,

I find my shadow inside me,

As a lovely exquisite me….

As a charming harmony of purity and love,

Ah! End of the day, I am happy,

As a humble and meek friend,

Walked with me,

Following my steps…..

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