Saturday, November 28, 2009

i m never sad..

You can never see me crying,

I am never sad,

Coz I am living in todays,

I don’t have to weep on passed days,

I don’t have to memorize my tough days,

Coz they are all passed,

Now I am in a new day,

Without the burned ashes of yesterdays,

I am standing here refreshed chilled and happy,

Coz I have no plans for future,

I never dream on anything,

I never expect anything or anyone with me,

I just go on as the same,

My only friend is destiny,

My life is carried in the wings of destiny,

I can accept everything happens to me in the future,

Coz I am prepared and hands are opened,

For receiving anything in the way of life,

Why should I be weeping?

Why should I be in grief…

No never!!i am so happy …

Coz I live in today!!

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